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Building A-Frame for
Triple-Bottom-Line Brands

Our approach, deeply rooted in this sustainable and holistic framework, focuses on interweaving these three essential elements into the very fabric of business creation and growth.

At A-Frame Venture Studio (AFVS), we believe in the transformative power of brands. To ensure this transformation is both positive and impactful, we develop a bespoke Theory of Change for every brand we nurture. This framework is not just a strategic tool; it's a commitment to understanding and optimizing the social and environmental impact each brand can achieve.

Our Theory of Change process involves a deep dive into the potential each brand holds for creating meaningful change. It's a meticulous mapping of how a brand, through its products, services, and community engagement, can positively influence society and the environment. We're committed to a vision where each brand not only thrives in the market but also plays a pivotal role in shaping a better world.

A-Frame triple bottom line


In the heart of A-Frame Venture Studio's (AFVS) operations lies a deep commitment to nurturing brands that resonate with social impact. The 'People' aspect of our triple-bottom-line approach isn't just a segment of our business model; it's a guiding principle in every brand story we create. Our diverse collective of professionals, ranging from health researchers to human-centered technologists and creative visionaries, is instrumental in infusing each brand with a purpose beyond the product or service. Take, for instance, our work with Mirth, a brand devoted to enhancing emotional well-being. This is a prime example of how our brands strive to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. At AFVS, every brand is an opportunity to positively impact society. Whether it's fostering emotional health, advancing educational initiatives, or enhancing community engagement, our goal is to ensure that each brand succeeds in the market and contributes to the greater good. We are committed to building brands that do more than sell – they uplift, inspire, and empower.


Sustainability is more than a policy – it's the essence of our brand-building ethos. Our collective – a fusion of highly experienced professionals, including sustainability specialists, health advisors, and impact consultants – embodies our deep commitment to environmental responsibility. Together, we are not just building brands; we are crafting legacies that stand the test of time and environment. Our approach is centered on adopting and implementing business strategies that minimize our ecological footprint. This includes a steadfast dedication to reducing carbon emissions, utilizing sustainable materials, and incorporating the principles of a circular economy in all our ventures. Our mission is clear: to create brands that excel financially while positively impacting the planet. At AFVS, every brand story we write is a step towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.


At A-Frame Venture Studio (AFVS), our approach to financial sustainability is grounded in guiding brands towards robust revenue generation while embracing regenerative practices. We believe in the power of creating market strategies that foster equitable profitability, reflecting our commitment to sustainable success. Our team, a tapestry of expertise encompassing both traditional and blended private equity finance, along with seasoned growth strategists, is uniquely equipped to offer deep insights into sustainable profit generation. We champion the use of innovative business models, strategically crafted go-to-market strategies, and responsible financial management. Our focus is not merely on profitability but on shaping ventures that contribute positively to both society and the environment. At AFVS, we build brands that stand the test of time, ensuring they thrive financially while making a meaningful impact.

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