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Centered Design

For over a decade members of the AFVS team have been creating with the principles of Humanity Centered Design. Our work embodied the principles without naming them, mostly due to the fact that until recently, the term did not exist. Don Norman, author of "Design for a Better World," has named it. 

To be "humanity-centered" is to be concerned with the whole ecosystem, not just humans, and how everything interacts with each other.

Root Cause

Solving the core, root issues, not just the problem as presented (which is often the symptom, not the cause).



Focusing on the entire ecosystem of people, all living things, and the physical environment.



Taking a long-term, systems point of view, realizing that most complications result from the interdependencies of the multiple parts and that many of the most damaging implications upon society and the ecostructure only reveal themselves years or even decades later.


Continual Refinement

Continually testing and refining the proposed designs to ensure they truly meet the concerns of the people and ecosvstems for whom they are intended.


With the Community

Being designed with the community, and as much as possible supporting designs by the community. 

Learn More

An excellent resource for learning about humanity-centered design.

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