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At A-Frame Venture Studio, we believe in the extraordinary power of human connection, the importance of well-being, and the fundamental role of health in shaping the future. 


We are committed to strengthening the essence of human connection. We actively build and co-build brands that resonate deeply with people, forging lasting relationships and shared experiences. Our ventures are crafted to bring people closer. We believe in connecting with stakeholders early and often. We also take a collaborative approach to building with partners.  


Our holistic approach to health encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and community aspects. We prioritize the health and well-being of our team, understanding that a supportive and nurturing work environment is essential for creativity and productivity. This commitment extends to our collaborative brand-building process, where we partner with ventures that share our comprehensive view of health. Together, we develop initiatives that foster healthier communities.


We focus on creating products and services that uplift physical, mental, and emotional health, contributing to the betterment of individuals, communities, and society at large.

Our Approach


We've taken our collective experiences of building, launching, and existing ventures and created a comprehensive playbook that guides our processes. 

Value Creation
Partnership for the
for Impact


We build brands for triple-bottom-line impact with human connection, well-being, and a holistic idea of health at the center. Our BCorp and sustainability experts guide our practices in thinking about impact from day one. We create using human-centered design principles and lead with our theory of change. 

Rediscover Value

We've taken our collective experiences of building, launching, and existing ventures; and created a comprehensive playbook which guides our processes. Our playbook includes partnerships that give AFVS some epic unfair advantages.



We evaluate ventures based on traditional metrics of success, but we select our acquisitions based on the opportunity to take the venture from a single-bottom-line to a TBL. We select based on brand potential, product R+D, and scalability. We look for opportunities to improve impact, brand, story, logistics, and D2C. 

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Our Team.

Mirth exists to improve the emotional

well-being of people and communities.

We happen to sell hydrating fizzy water.

Theory of Change (ToC):

If Mirth Water promotes outdoor activities, encourages mindful nourishment, and equips people with essential tools for self-expression, meaningful connections, and healthy living habits, then we’ll strengthen the emotional health, well-being, connectedness and resilience of our friends, families, and essential communities.


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